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Posté : jeu. 6 déc. 2018 14:21
par AlvinTertz
what is gig economy? Literally, it is “the economy of small jobs,” or how the Internet is revolutionizing the labor market. When we speak of this economy, also known as the experience economy, the examples are many: everyone knows the stories of the creation of companies like Airbnb and Uber. You don’t need to be a multi-national to sell products and services to any part of the globe. This economy favors entrepreneurship and peer to peer services.

This is similar to the kind of stuff you used to do as a summer student to try to improve your daily life for the rest of the academic year, hoping that one day you’ll find a real job with a fixed monthly salary that allows you to pay the rent, buy food and some well-deserved holidays. The English word “gig” was, until a few years ago, primarily used for musicians.

For the people saying, “it will never work,” it rather presages a nightmarish world in which workers are transformed into job hunters, ready to do anything to acquire their small share of work. For optimists, this represents an unlimited future for innovation and entrepreneurship.

This new economy, which appeared a few years ago in the United States, has become so important that it has entered the speeches of the candidates for the White House. But today, this telecom field engineer jobs economy is much more than a new channel of connection for freelance work. The experience economy generates a multitude of new economic activities.

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